A bright yellow flower of Oregon Sunshine (Eriophyllum lanatum) blossoming on Crestmont Land Trust

Crestmont Land Trust’s mission is to own and manage perpetually self-sustaining privately-owned public spaces to provide enhanced recreational, educational, and research experiences with an environmental focus to its visitors. 

Crestmont Land Trust was established in October 2012 as an Oregon operating trust. CLT is registered with the Internal Revenue Service under IRC section 501(c)3 and is treated as a private operating foundation. As a result, donations to Crestmont Land Trust generally are tax-deductible. 

Crestmont Land Trust seeks to fulfill its mission through a series of goals, which include: 

  • Develop enhanced recreational, educational, and research experiences that support the improvement of people’s lives
  • Demonstrate responsible natural resource stewardship by managing habitat diversity, forest health, and ecological integrity to benefit wildlife, plants, and people 
  • Address the effects of a changing climate on habitat through natural resource diversity and management
  • Manage to reduce the risk of damage by wildfire to the property and surrounding neighbors
  • Integrate the secondary objective of agricultural production with the primary objective of habitat management to enable the property and land trust to be perpetually self-sustaining
  • Welcome financial and in-kind resources from external constituents to accelerate the achievement of these objectives